Compassionate communication spreading in Viroqua

Pleasant Ridge Waldorf School, together with Stone’s Throw, brought Wade Britzius to Viroqua last Saturday to lead a workshop on compassionate communication. Wade has trained with Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of Non-Violent Communication with its world-wide goal of facilitating more peaceful, compassionate, and healthy communication.

Bringing this training to Viroqua was one of our big goals for 2012. Over 30 people attended the all-day workshop which involved both theory and practice. The afternoon focussed on parent-child communication, so we role-played situations we find regularly coming up at home. Many Stone’s Throw members attended and expressed appreciation for the ideas and sincere efforts of everyone attending to put them into practice.

At Pleasant Ridge, there is a continuing study group meeting weekly on the subject of compassionate communication. Pleasant Ridge: 608-637-7828.

Thanks Wade for a great workshop! Wade is based in La Crosse, Wisconsin with an individual counseling practice, as well as offering NVC workshops. His phone: 608-582-4521.

Our next goal in the area of communication is a workshop on consensus decision making. That may happen as soon as next fall.

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