This place you’d like to live…

You envision this place you’d like to live, your small house nestled among other small houses, beds of vegetables ripening, chickens clucking and turning weeds into eggs, people sharing more than a quick “hi” as they pass… You’d like your community to be more self-sufficient and less wasteful. You’d like your views to be considered in all community decisions. But this place doesn’t exist yet.

In 2011, I heard of Stone’s Throw Ecovillage, a forming group of people with a similar vision, only 75 miles away from my home. But it’s just starting out. There’s a lot of work to do, a lot of hours to invest in research and development. I became member #5 in January 2012, and to be honest, the work is a daunting prospect sometimes. Diane Christianson, in her book Creating a Life Together, speaks of “pioneers” and “settlers,” and how both are needed in community. I never thought of myself as a pioneer type, but here I am. While it is work driving to meetings and trying to understand legal issues, there are also rewards. I’ve learned much more about the power of nonviolent communication, the art of permaculture for sustaining the natural environment and the many options for resource and energy efficient housing. I can experience the satisfaction of personally contributing to the end product and having my preferences heard. The overriding reason I became a member NOW, is because I want Stone’s Throw to succeed.

Stone’s Throw needs more members to succeed. You are always welcome at our meetings or at one of our education/discussion evenings. If our vision touches a chord with you, too, YOU could be the one to help make it a reality.


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