How small can (your home) go?

Our very own Driftless Folk School offers a tiny home design course next month. Unfortunately, the class is full and has a long waiting list. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it offered again soon.

The teacher/architect has helpful information at the links in this course announcement:

tiny home instructor – Doug Sandberg

 “There are so many variables to ‘green’ building, but the best first step is always reducing the size of what you’re building – minimizing the materials used as well as the energy needed to heat, cool, and light the space” says Doug Sandberg, DFS instructor. Doug Sandberg started his own small architectural practice, Sandberg Architecture and Design, so he could focus on designing modern, green, affordable buildings. He was previously a partner at HBRA Architects, working on custom residences and institutional projects such as Performing Arts Centers and museums.  His firm accepts tight budgets as a challenge to design and create spaces while working within budget parameters. He designed and built his own home on an unusually narrow lot in Chicago – read more about it in this TimeOut Chicago feature. With over 20 years of architecture, developer, and contractor experience, Doug will be joining us on February 22nd to teach “Design your Own Tiny Home!”


Members of Stone’s Throw are talking about building homes in the 400 – 500 sq ft range, which will save big bucks on construction. Some will build larger, but for one person (or a B&B), even less than 400 can work when you have access to a large kitchen, meeting/eating/party space, guest rooms and a highly efficient common laundry just a short walk from your door.

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