Restoration Agriculture Design Course this summer!

Our neighbors, Mark Shepard and Peter Allen, will teach Restoration Agriculture Design again this summer at the beautiful Driftless region farm which is a well-established model of permaculture principles applied to production-scale ag. Mark is a premier permaculture thinker in the U.S. and Peter is not too shabby either. A week of practical know-how and hands-on learning! Here is the blurb from the website where you can sign up.

“Savanna Gardens, LLC is is excited to host its second Restoration Agriculture Design Course atNew Forest Farm, June 14-21, 2014. Using nature as a model, Restoration Agriculture is the intentional restoration of healthy, functional ecosystems as the context for economically-viable farm operations. Perennial crops, livestock, fungus, and pollinators are integrated to produce abundant food, fiber, and fuel and simultaneously restore critical ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration, water purification and infiltration, nutrient cycling, and biodiversity.”

Beautiful location, we’ve visited and planted trees at New Forest Farm as well as helped with other projects. Wind power, home-grown biodiesel and apple cyder, polyculture everywhere you look. Check it out!

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