The ecovillage has landed!

A milestone! We’ve just purchased 12 acres with a house, in an ideal location just outside the Viroqua city limits. It is a lovely parcel of organic land with a south facing slope, mature trees, a year-round creek and springs, space for community gardening and natural areas to enjoy. The existing house will make a fine common house.

We are more than excited to be moving forward! And we are excitedly looking forward to welcoming new members to the community.

Our vision is a community that we design together, with 15 to 18 homes clustered near a common house. If you’re familiar with a cohousing community, that is one of our models. We appreciate the idea of a neighborhood designed for people more than for cars; a wholistic design that takes full advantage of permaculture principles to plan a low-maintenance, highly functional, restorative landscape with thoroughly integrated buildings. We see cooperative decision making and sharing of resources as important parts of community resilience and a comfortable, safe, happy neighborhood. This is as simple as sharing meals at times, sharing an orchard and lawnmower and garden space, sharing a playground and children’s room, a greenhouse and sauna.

Privacy is just as important. Everyone will have a private home, your retreat in a quiet corner of the countryside, with neighbors you know and respect.

Looking northwest from south boundary: pole shed, silos, barn, house

Looking northwest from south boundary: pole shed, silos, barn, house

To build the home of your dreams, you would purchase a construction-ready lot. This will include an ownership interest in the common land and facilities. The common house will be accessible to all. We will all be able to save on square footage and build more economical and resource-efficient homes with access to its large kitchen and dining rooms, storage, guest rooms, and laundry.

Lots will include needed infrastructure such as roads, paths, parking, utility connections, greywater systems and wells. Lots will vary in size, we estimate prices will be $35 – 40,000. As the work and our financial outlay progresses lot prices will increase. The sooner you join the lower your lot price will be!

Becoming a member makes it possible to purchase a lot. The minimum capital investment for members is currently $5,000, which would be applied to your lot purchase. We will also welcome investments beyond the minimum to reduce the need for bank financing. Such investments will earn interest.

Stone’s Throw will also be open to private investment by friends from our larger community. This will be an opportunity to put your money to work locally, earning a fair interest rate while supporting the creation of Viroqua’s first ecovillage. If this interests you, please contact us for more details.

Soon we will be scheduling open houses and other events so that you can see the land, meet community members, ask questions and contribute your ideas to our shared vision for Stone’s Throw Ecovillage.

Contact us soon if you would like to be part of an innovative, owner-planned and managed, environmentally sound and people-friendly community located just a Stone’s Throw from the center of Viroqua.

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2 Responses to The ecovillage has landed!

  1. Linda Kruhmin says:

    So very exciting – congratulations and Happy Spring!

  2.  Hi Jerry –   Very happy for you and all involved.  Talk about manifesting!  It is fantastic to see dreams come true.   All the very best, all the time, Sincerely,      Gregory  

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