Can you say scrub?

With the land for building new homes came a not-so-new house that needed freshening. We’ve been scrubbing and painting, updating the electrical service, refinishing the hardwood floor and generally improving on what will one day be our common house. That larger remodeling project will happen a little further down the road, but for now we’ll have some comfortably inhabitable rooms and a large guest suite for visitors to Stone’s Throw. That could mean you.

Spring green showing along stream

Contact us if you’d like to visit for a day, a weekend, or longer. Together with the bedroom, private bath, and sitting room you will have full use of the kitchen, laundry, etc. We ask you to decide for yourself on a donation if you stay with us. For longer stays, we will have projects you can help accomplish on the land and community meals you can join. Visit Viroqua and get a taste of ecovillage living!

Our first project this spring will be planting trees to establish a windbreak along the western boundary. Only 350 trees, which we can plant in one day with enough hands to help. We have plenty of mulch on hand to help the seedlings get started and conserve soil moisture. Friday, May 16 is our target date.

Our first guests have already reserved May 16 and 17 to stay with us! If you are coming from out of town to the open house, contact us for other options.

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3 Responses to Can you say scrub?

  1. Susan Greer says:

    When will you post a photo of the house on the purchased land?

    Susan Greer

    Sent from my iPhone

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