Windbreak being planted

Planting and mulching hazelnuts

Planting and mulching hazelnuts

Trees are going in the ground. We mowed, measured, collected mulch, bought trees (thanks to the Wisconsin DNR! $50/100 trees through the spring tree sale), borrowed planting bars, and marked four tree lines. Yesterday evening we put in almost 100 trees and mulched them. Help us this evening to put in the next 200!

Before clearing honeysuckle

Before clearing

Opened up

Opened up

We start at 3:30 pm and the goal is to be done at 6:30. Don’t want to miss the Ridgetones concert at 7:30! Stone’s Throw Ecovillage is 1/2 mile out Sidie Hollow Road from the west end of South St. You can’t miss our sign! Questions: 608-637-8018.

This way to the planting field

This way to
the planting field

Why four lines of trees? The first is hazelnuts, which are low and will act as a snow fence as well as providing food for us and the deer. The next two lines are evergreens to stop the wind in the winter: white pines and white cedars, offset to fill the gaps in each line. The inside line will be fruit trees: serviceberry, elderberry, cherry, plum, … Again, lower growing to stop the wind that will come below the evergreen branches one day, and to take advantage of the sun trap and wind protection of the first three lines.

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