Permaculture design workshop August 1-3

Have your questions answered in this small, hands-on weekend workshop.

If you know a little about permaculture, you may be as fascinated by it as I am. It is a positive, practical design system for creating sustainable… anything!

To introduce and apply permaculture principles to the design of a particular site, in ways that work for a single-family home or a neighborhood or your piece of land in the country, Stone’s Throw is bringing Nathaniel Larson, a premier permaculture designer from Wisconsin’s Bayfield peninsula, here for a weekend workshop August 1-3.


Nathaniel has been living and breathing permaculture for a decade. He and his family operate Water’s Edge Nursery and have established The Draw, an intentional community and permaculture sanctuary on 280 acres with a beautiful strawbale common house, greenhouse, ponds, market gardens, and perennial food forest that are well established and productive.

Draw comm house

Day 1: Friday evening introduction: consideration of land and its possibilities through the lens of permaculture design.

Day 2: Permaculture’s ethics and its 12 principles, with applications to site design; design methods; the design process: what information to gather.

Day 3: Observing/reading the landscape; identifying problems and how to turn them into solutions; water’s role and management; creating designs and receiving feedback. Hands-on and interactive! Incredibly useful plant identification: their uses, placement, synergies.

This affordable workshop, $135, includes lunches and free camping. Discount price $110 through July 17. Limit of 16 participants to maximize individual attention.

Reservations/questions: or 608-637-8018

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