What is permaculture? #2

The problem is the solution, and elements in your design should serve more than one function. These are a couple of permaculture principles, illustrated by some string in our front yard.

Our problem was that birds were flying into the large picture windows on the south side of our house. Most of them lived, but we’re sure they didn’t like running into a pane of glass. Recent research on using silhouettes of raptors stuck to windows found that one or two didn’t do the job– the window needed to be covered with stickers, with no more than 4″ between them!

More research found that bird feeders needed to be within three feet of a window or the birds were likely to fly into the glass. Hmmm, something near the glass that birds would avoid. String! Light, white, inexpensive, easy to put up. String like we used on bean trellises. Our beans weren’t planted yet. Strings for string beans in front of both picture windows!

Since we put up the strings, no more birds have flown into the windows, and the beans have grown halfway to the eaves. As the fall sun lowers in the sky and begins to shine directly in those windows again, (over)heating the house, the beans will give shade. So far we’re at win-win-win, and counting!

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