What is permaculture? part 3

Another permaculture principle I love: Start small. Of the two words, start is probably the most important. Act. Do. Get going. Plant seeds. Throw down some mulch. Start down the road toward a composting toilet with a sawdust bucket.

The opposite of starting small is the paralysis of analysis: you can’t see how to make the huge change required to make it all perfect, or you try to make that big change all at once and fail. Make a small change. Observe. Make another one. A small garden bed, a few pear trees, a few quarts of pickled beans. Replace the three most-used lights in your house with LED’s. Replace one drive a week with a bike trip. Read the shortest introduction to permaculture you can find, or even easier, watch this one (9 minutes) on youtube. Start small, but start!

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