Tiny house zoning and parking at Stone’s Throw Ecovillage

Tiny house owners often have a difficult time finding somewhere to park their micro-dwellings and live full-time. Zoning restrictions in cities and many rural areas typically set a minimum size of 450 – 1000 square feet or more for any residential structure– any building that will be occupied as full-time living space. That’s larger than tiny houses, which start under 100 square feet and max at about 350.

Four Lights Tiny Houses

Four Lights Tiny Houses

While secondary homes on a lot may be permitted (accessory dwelling units, granny flats, etc.) their minimum size is usually larger than a tiny home as well. What to do?

Find a location that has no zoning restrictions on minimum size, and no residential building code minimum either– like Stone’s Throw Ecovillage. Our township has no zoning, and the state of Wisconsin has no minimum size for residences. This means members can live in the tiny house of their choosing! For more information see our Joining Us page, and check out the blog post on zoning for tiny houses which we recently wrote for our friends here: Understanding zoning

From the gallery at tinyhousebuild.com

From the gallery at tinyhousebuild.com

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