Solving communication breakdowns – a workshop

Jan Hunt, author of The Natural Child, and Marianne Williamson, author of Everyday Grace, heartily endorse Marshall Rosenberg’s methods for learning Compassionate Communication (also called Nonviolent Communication). The members of Stone’s Throw Ecovillage are sponsoring this July workshop to improve communication and invite you to join us. Wade Britzius, our trainer, will teach skills, give time for practice, and answer questions. You can come to the Friday night introduction to learn more, or check out

Marshall Rosenberg

Marshall Rosenberg

Compassionate Nonviolent Communication
Creating the World We Want to Live In

A One-day Workshop sponsored by Stone’s Throw Ecovillage

Do you have “good intentions” to be understanding and to be understood in your interactions with others, and yet find that exchanges very often end in frustration, pain, disconnection, or outright conflict? Are you wondering how we’re ever going to “just get along”, even in our families and local communities, not to mention national or international politics. Would you like your relationships to live up to your spiritual understandings and ideals?

Nonviolent Communication is a learnable set of skills, a practical guide and a spiritual support to shift your consciousness toward compassion and open-ness.

Would you like to have more:
• Ease in relating to others, no matter what the circumstances
• Emotional flexibility to stay connected, even when in disagreement
• Confidence that things will turn out OK when you open your mouth
• Freedom to express yourself about what is authentic for you
• Willingness to listen to others who seem “misguided” or “wrong”
• Appreciation for all the people you meet and work with
• Ability to resolve conflicts peacefully, with some mutual satisfaction
• Understanding of what it takes to build a sense of community

In this workshop we will begin to learn the basics of:
Understanding why we so easily lose our connection to self and other
Developing the language of our inner world and the role of feelings in staying connected
Shifting consciousness toward the experience of the essential and universal that connects us all
Finding empathic ways to connect with ourselves and others authentically
Learning to know what we want and to ask for it without fear

Wade Britzius has practiced NVC since 2003 when he attended a three day workshop with Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of NVC. Having studied with a wide variety of trainers nation-wide, he now focuses on mediation. He works doing Child Custody and Placement cases for the Trempealeau County Court system, as well as teaching occasional workshops. Wade has practiced meditation in the Vipassana Buddhist tradition since 1978 and is a long time student of the Diamond Approach to Essential Realization.

Saturday, July 11, 9 to 4:30
Sliding Scale $30 – $75
Number of participants is limited. To register – 608-637-6620 or

In addition to the Saturday workshop there will be an
Introduction to Nonviolent Communication
Friday July 10, 7- 9pm
Suggested donation $5 – $10
Landmark Center room 202, 500 E. Jefferson St., Viroqua

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

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