Cohousing in the Madison State Journal

Another article on cohousing, this time in the Wisconsin state capitol’s newspaper. The sensational headlines that confuse cohousing with communes just keep coming, but the writer did a fairly decent job of noting that cohousing consists of private homes and resident management. Here’s the link: cohousing in Madison.

And here is my comment, which they published:

This article repeats a couple common mistakes that journalists make when reporting on cohousing communities which are more like condominium associations than most people realize. If you look at the six defining characteristics of cohousing at you will see that private homes, jobs, and finances are basic to cohousing. The essential difference is that the residents design and manage their community themselves, which is why they typically have more common amenities than a condo development. Having dinner together twice a week in the large multi-purpose room that is available to all residents to use for their children’s birthday parties and similar events doesn’t bring to my mind the terms “dorm” or “commune.” The 130 cohousing communities in the U.S. have been built in all sorts of cities, towns, and rural areas.

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