Vision & goals

Our foundational vision:

The heart of our vision is a village-scale community where we share resources, communicate with respect, and wisely steward the land.

More specifically, we are working to build a community:

…located within walking distance of downtown Viroqua
…where we grow a significant amount of our own food
…that includes common facilities so we can cook, eat, socialize, and work on projects together
…with private, individual homes that are resource-efficient and use local materials
…that makes group decisions by consensus
…where we communicate directly, honestly, and with respect for each other
…which saves on individual purchases by sharing resources
…that stewards the land to continuously improve its health and productivity without harming our neighbors’ environment
…which will serve as an educational resource to others interested in our goals
…that welcomes diversity
…that will be a benefit to our larger community economically, socially, and ecologically.

July 2014: our plan is still to make lots available for 12-18 homes. We are five households now, and we have space for you! This is a smart combination of independence, privacy, and a people-friendly neighborhood.