What sort of community is this?
Our organizing group has lived in Viroqua for a number of years. We share an interest in an intentionally designed community that will foster cooperation, resource sharing, local food production, and community interaction. We want to know our neighbors and build a great neighborhood with them!

Where is Viroqua?
Located in SW Wisconsin’s driftless landscape, Viroqua is the seat of Vernon County which has the largest concentration of organic farms in Wisconsin. Viroqua’s population is less than 5,000. It is in the heart of Wisconsin’s largest Amish settlements.

What will your community look like?
We are planning our neighborhood in a quiet spot, just a stone’s throw from town, where we will build highly efficient individual homes and a community center. We’re also planning for shared garden space and orchards, parking for bicycles, and vehicle access that doesn’t intrude on the central green space. There is an existing stand of old oaks. We would like some chickens, a workshop, office space, outdoor play area and kids room, etc. Our target is 15-18 households.

When are you going to move in?
Our timeline indicates construction is possible in 2015. There is an existing house on the land we purchased, which some members may want to live in while building their new house.

Will people own their homes individually?
Yes, along with shared ownership of common spaces, each home will be individually owned. Owners can build equity and retain any appreciation in value.

How many people are involved?
We are five member households to date, with a mix of singles and families. We are planning on 15-18 homes.

What does it take to become a member? Attend at least four meetings so you can decide if the fit is good (you can attend via skype or phone). If yes, make a capital contribution of $5,000 toward the purchase price of your lot, and commit to paying the monthly dues of $10 – 20 (sliding scale).

How much will lots cost? Between $35 – 45,000 depending on size. This cost will include a share of all of the common land and common facilities, which are planned to help you save resources and money on the design and construction of your own house.

How long have you been working on this?
We have been meeting since 2009, and welcome anyone interested to come to a meeting or contact us to learn more.

How do I contact you?
Phone: 1-608-637-6620
Email: stonesthrowviroqua@gmail.com