Stone’s Throw on the radio

This morning two of our members were interviewed on Viroqua’s “Life on the Radio,” amiably hosted by Genie Nordskog and Ed Holahan, on our local community station WDRT 91.9 FM. Live-streamed online, there were plenty of out-of-town listeners also.

The when, how, with whom and why questions were answered along with some interesting, unique ones: “How does living in a community like Stone’s Throw work for introverts?” and “What is consensus minus one?” Fortunately, we answer questions like that all the time so Natalie had a ready reply.

The hour flew by. A few questions were skipped, such as details on our members. This was a key question identified in our survey last spring, so we’ve planned a new page of bio’s that will go up on this website. Here’s an outline: we count among our members a retired pharmacist, a librarian, a renewable energy consultant, a teacher and business owner, a massage therapist, and an herbalist. Each of us has written briefly about our interest in living in community and our backgrounds. Look for that new page.

We did cover the basics: we will be designing together a new neighborhood, with old-fashioned principles, that will support community interaction. We want to know our neighbors, share resources, build efficient and comfortable individual homes, and some common buildings that we can all use. We want the neighborhood to be dominated by green space, playgrounds, and gardens rather than pavement and parking. And we want it to be a “Stone’s Throw,” walking distance, from the center of Viroqua with its farmers market, community radio station, co-op art gallery, historic theater and new library.

You can build your new home in this innovative, old-fashioned neighborhood. A few more members, and we will be buying the land and selling 12 – 18 lots in the spirit of community!

UPDATE March 14, 2014: we are the proud new owners of 12 acres that were made for community and smart homes, with plenty of south-facing slope, springs, a stream, and an existing home that will serve well as a common house for the community. Watch our home page for open house announcements!


2 Responses to Stone’s Throw on the radio

  1. Nina hirsch says:

    I would like to come to open house on sat. May 17. I have a house in LaCrosse. Many things appeal to me like having a house that doesn’t need a furnace much and living in a community where you don’ t feel so isolated. Etc. Nina, 57 and healthy.

    • Nina, we look forward to seeing you this Saturday. Bring a friend! We are welcoming a diversity of new members: old, young, singles, families. That’s an explicit part of our vision for Stone’s Throw.

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