Links to Viroqua and other favorites


Links to life in Viroqua for newcomers and visitors

Pleasant Ridge Waldorf school, K-8 private education for over 30 years:

Viroqua Area School District, K-12 public education. Including Laurel and Better Futures charter high schools:  Click here

Speaking of education, the down-home Driftless Folk School offers classes in traditional skills and arts (bee-keeping, timber framing, sausage making, blacksmithing, …):

Fly fishing shop:

Viroqua Food Co-op:

City of Viroqua:

Organic Valley, largest organic co-op in U.S.:

WDRT, community radio from the ground up:


Links to friends and professionals we rely on

The national Parnership for Affordable Cohousing:

Water’s Edge Nursery (zone 5 – 3) and The Draw, a regenerative land-based community on Wisconsin’s Bayfield peninsula, on the shore of Lake Superior:

Mark Shepard’s Forest Agriculture Enterprises, our neighbor in SW Wisconsin’s Vernon County:

Largest collection of discussion forums on all things permaculture: