Build the home of your dreams in the community of your dreams

Dear Friends of Stone’s Throw Ecovillage,

Many of you have expressed an interest in joining our efforts to create a small rural intentional community on the outskirts of Viroqua. At this point in time Stone’s Throw is at a crossroads. We will be deciding in the next couple of months whether or not we will proceed.
We had hoped by this time to have enough member households to begin development on the land in preparation for selling lots and building our houses. With only four members we are now faced with the real possibility that we will need to put the land up for sale in the very near future.
Our current thinking about how to move Stone’s Throw Ecovillage forward is to reduce the total number of individual lots to 8. We are also considering a provision for a limited number of tiny houses to be parked on the land.
If the idea of living in a small rural ecovillage appeals to you and you have been considering finding out more about us or becoming a member, now is the time to contact us and get involved. Our next two meetings are August 13 and 27 at 7pm.
What is needed to move this project forward? A small group of committed people who are enthused about the concept and willing to put in the time and effort it will take to build and sustain it. This is a group directed venture and an opportunity to put our energies together to create a viable and thriving ecovillage in the heart of the Driftless region just a stone’s throw away from the city of Viroqua.
In Community,
Kathy, Louise, Kathleen, Debbie and Dennis

This is community at its best. A great blend of privacy, independence, and cooperation. People-centered rather than car-centered. A neighborhood with plenty of green space, plenty of privacy, and front-porch opportunities to share a meal,  childcare, or just visit.

At Stone’s Throw we’re committed to designing our neighborhood together, to stewarding the land and building our homes by taking advantage of the principles of permaculture and sustainability, to welcoming diversity in our community, and to conserving resources. Consensus decision-making has been working well for us. We’re building, most importantly, a circle of people that respect each other and can make decisions about managing the common facilities cooperatively. This summer we’re moving into the fun part, community design, because we’ve purchased land!

We’re designing the lot layout to make  social interaction easy and likely. We’re designing to eliminate waste by sharing resources and ideas. We’re designing a great place to live within walking distance of the center of Viroqua, Wisconsin.

Viroqua is the Vernon County seat, a comfortable town of 5,000 with a thriving food co-op in the heartland of organic farms. Viroqua is in the beautiful Driftless area of SW Wisconsin with its steep ridges and fertile valleys; cold, clean spring creeks; abundant wildlife; and tall bluffs overlooking the Mississippi river.

Explore! Check out the rest of our website, ask us some questions, think about visiting with us to explore building a cooperative, convenient, and sustainable community.